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The Impish Husband and I like to go mountain biking at a local state park near his parents’ place on the weekends. We always pass by a farm market that sells plants, fruits and vegetables, and eggs from their own free range chickens. I’d been meaning to stop by for some time but had never found the right opportunity. However this time, as we were on our way to the park, I nearly caused my husband to drive off road with my squealing when I saw a new sign out front of the market that said they had chicks and ducklings for sale. We were decked out in bike gear and were trying to hit the trails before it got too hot out but luckily my lovely sister-in-law volunteered to head back after we’d showered and cleaned ourselves up after our ride. My sister-in-law is an avid and talented photographer and my friend Inna had generously lent me her DSLR to play with for the weekend while I decide whether or not to take the plunge and buy a camera of my own. So we both grabbed our cameras and headed out.


I’m still struggling with focus and framing shots but it was impossible not to get a decent shot of this little photogenic fella.


Fluffy Duckling


I’ve been teasing the Impish Husband that once we move out of the city, I’ll be wanting a chicken coop with plenty of happy chickens to supply our eggs but after this trip I’m thinking that maybe we’ll just get a pair of ducklings instead…