Sunday afternoon the Impish Husband and I dropped his parents off at JFK airport. They’re taking a long trip to the Czech Republic, where they are originally from. They’ll be gone for several weeks and my mother-in-law has entrusted me with custody of her fledgling tomato plants. I’ve been left with strict instructions on their care so fingers crossed that I don’t screw this up or it will be a long, bleak tomato-less summer.


On the ride to the airport I had, in typical impish fashion, dozed off in the backseat and was semi-consciously basking in the sun that had been gracing us all weekend when the Impish Husband and his parents started excitedly pointing out a shuttle. I assumed they were referring to the AirTrain that connects JFK to the New York City subway system. While the AirTrain is a very convenient public transportation option, it sure didn’t seem like anything worth getting that excited over. Luckily the Impish Husband knows me better than I know myself and after we’d said goodbye to his parents he swung back around so that I could see and take pictures of this:


Shuttle head on


It turns out that the space shuttle Enterprise is to find a new home in New York and had just recently caught a ride to JFK atop a specially designed 747 jet with the NASA logo emblazoned on its tail. You can read more about the shuttle here
here and here.


Shuttle - Creeping Closer


I loved how the shuttle looked like it was just casually perched on top of the jet, as though someone had just picked it up and set it down there. Pretty cool stuff.


NASA On Display


Apparently it might be illegal to take pictures at the airport so I tried to stealthily snap these few shots to share with you before we sped off again. Then on the ride back into the city we were stuck in traffic when we caught sight of another aircraft hitching a ride in style.


Another Shuttle?


It seemed pretty poetic after we’d just seen the big brother version of this set up moments earlier.


I caught a few more urban shots as we were heading back into the city.


Chez Manhattan

My new Canon and I are still becoming acquainted with one another (more on that in a future post) but it was satisfying to get at least a small taste of the kind of pictures I’ll hopefully be taking in the future.