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A new bakery opened up in my neighborhood. I’ve been walking by it every day on my way to work and I’ve watched over the last few weeks as they’ve gutted the place and rebuilt it into something really special. It’s a gluten-free cakery that serves beautiful, yummy treats.


Pip's Place


The Impish Husband and I stopped by on our way home from work on Wednesday and picked up two cupcakes for desert after dinner. The man behind the counter told me that the place was named after the owner’s daughter, Olivia, also known by her nickname Pip. Pip has celiac disease and has to avoid anything with gluten in it.


Pip's Place Box

Pip’s mother has therefore spent the last five years developing gluten-free recipes so that her daughter can still enjoy the same treats that all her classmates do. Neither the Impish Husband nor I are gluten intolerant but I can say that these cupcakes rate among the yummiest I’ve had, gluten-free or not. The vanilla especially rocked my world.

Pip's Place Cupcakes6

So if you’re gluten intolerant or just looking to pick up something tasty and you happen to be on the Upper East Side I highly recommend checking out Pip’s Place!

Pip's Place Cupcakes1