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My Lab Bench


This is a view of my lab bench at work. You have serological pipettes on the left, handy and within reach. I usually have a spray bottle with 70% ethanol hanging from one of the drawer handles in case something needs to be cleaned up. I was in the middle of some lab work when I took this picture so the bench (lab speak for countertop) itself is a bit of a mess. You might be able to make out some pipettes, an open box of pipette tips, a rack with a handful of eppendorf tubes, and the big box they come in. Towards the back you can see the vacuum container and connected hose that I use for aspirating solutions. On the narrow shelf above the bench I keep bottles of 70% and pure ethanol and media for growing bacteria as well as a few boxes of gloves. To the right you can probably make out my laptop and some sticky notes that remind me of all the little bits of information that can otherwise easily be forgotten. All together it may not look like much but it’s been home sweet home for several years now.