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Well my mother-in-law is back from the Czech Republic and has resumed her watchful post over her garden. Things are of course still coming along beautifully and I’m sure all her plantlings are appreciating that they’re no longer parched throughout the week and suddenly practically drowning when I finally show up on the weekends.


I do think the tomato plants are starting to finally slow down their reckless growth by a hair. What do you think? This was last week’s state of things:




And here is this week’s:


Tomato Chronicles Week4a


Hmmm, yea okay. Maybe still a little reckless.




But I do think that more of their energy is starting to be channeled elsewhere than just vertical growth because….


Tomato Chronicles Week4c


We’ve already got baby tomatoes!!!


So to reiterate, within four weeks we’ve gone from a little thing of a plant, to shooting out branches left and right, to gracing us with some tomato blossoms, and now they’re already starting to bear little mini tomatoes. I think that’s pretty incredible!


Tomato Chronicles Week4b


This is a good thing because I was just down in the basement getting some salsa my mother-in-law had canned from last year’s harvest and we’re down to eight jars! Eight jars are not going to last us the five weeks my mother-in-law is predicting it will be until we’re able to bite into this year’s juicy deliciousness. We’re going to have to start rationing ourselves…


Favorite Watering Can


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