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The Impish Husband and I were up in Boston two weeks ago for a wedding. We spent Saturday night at his sister Em’s place, catching up on some quality time with her and her husband. On Saturday Em took us to Russo’s so that she could pick up some veggie plants and herbs for the new raised flower bed she had just made.


Gardener in the Making

I’ve never been to Russo’s before. Turns out it’s a pretty awesome combo of half garden shop, half gourmet grocery store.


Herbs Galore


They had an amazing selection of different herbs and all kinds of young veggie plants. It really made me long for the day when I can finally plant my own garden.


I’ll grow basil and cilantro by the bushel but I’ll also have rosemary, and thyme, parsley, and dill.


I want to plant raspberry and red currant bushes that I can park my children under one day to nibble on the ripe fruit like my mother did with me when I was young. They have sticky sweet wineberries in Connecticut. Maybe I’ll grow some of those too.


Gerber Daisies


I’ll have poppies wildly scattered throughout my yard. They grew untamed in the fields around our last home in Vienna and I’ve missed them.




I’ll get some cuttings from my mother-in-law’s elderberry bush and maybe I can plant some white peonies like the ones she grows. I had peonies in my wedding bouquet and seeing them always makes me sentimental.

I want orange and red gerber daisies that remind me of my mother and beds of blue forget-me-nots.


Lemongrass and Aloe Vera


My grandparents owned a small vineyard on the border to Slovenia. In the summers they put an old bathtub outside on the crest of the hill overlooking the neighboring farmland and filled it with fresh well water. After a few hours the sun would have warmed it and I would play in the clear water like in a kiddie pool. Several tall sunflowers with enormous scraggly heads grew right next to the tub and would majestically look over me while I splashed about. I’ll have to have sunflowers in my garden too.


I forgets what this was called...

I love the way the smell of lily-of-valley can spread throughout a whole garden in the spring. I want to inhale that smell on May mornings.

Lotsa Hot Peppers

Amazing what memories a simple trip to the garden center can reawaken.