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When I was younger the biggest compliment I could give about a tomato was to say that it tasted and smelled like a greenhouse. What I actually meant was that it reminded me of my grandmother’s tomatoes. She has had a greenhouse for as long as I can remember in which she grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. As soon as you would walk into that greenhouse you would be enveloped in this vibrant green, vegetable smell. I love that when I pinch my mother-in-law’s tomato plants, my fingers end up taking on that greenhouse smell.



My mother-in-law’s tomato plants are coming along beautifully of course. I think they’re taking a bit of a break after the growth spurt they underwent the last few weeks. They’re still taller of course than last week but they’ve only added a few inches this time.




The tomatoes themselves are where it’s at right now. These were the baby tomatoes I photographed last week:


Tomato Chronicles Week4b


And this is what they look like today:


TC Week 5b


Awesomeness! 😀 I’m already starting to dream up all the things I’m going to make with them once they’re ripe. Although to be honest, my favorite way to eat these tomatoes is to just grab them and bite into them like an apple. A little sprinkling of salt is all you will really need to bring out the full flavor of these beauties once they’re ripe.


TC Week 5d


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