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We flew to Europe this summer for my sister’s wedding. The wedding was outside of Vienna but the flights to Prague are always much cheaper. Since the Impish Husband’s family is from the Czech Republic and still have some roots there we usually end up taking a direct flight to Prague, spending a few days hanging around Czech and then taking his parents’ old Skoda to Austria to see my family. This time, because of the Impish Husband’s work schedule, we only had an afternoon in Prague before making the road trip to Vienna. We spent the few hours we had wandering around the old town.


St. Vitus Cathedral


Somehow we always end up making the same familiar loop. We start out at the castle where we try to catch the changing of the guard.

On Guard


Then on through the courtyard to St. Vitus Cathedral. I must have a version of this shot from every single trip we’ve taken there, and yet somehow each time I can’t resist taking just one more.


St. Vitus Cathedral


Then down the hill towards Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge in Distance

We end up on the shores of the Vltava River in a grittier part of town. My family lived in Prague for three years when I was very young and I have a vague memory of coming here with my nanny to feed day old bread to the swans and being bitten in the thumb when I didn’t relinquish a slice quickly enough. The swans are still there and I always eye them with suspicion.


Charles Bridge

We head across Charles Bridge with it’s street performers and musicians.


Bridge Musician

I love the statues of saints that line the bridge and the birds that always seem so at home on them.

On the Cross

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something about this young guy in his bare feet playing his guitar with a backdrop of graffiti that really moved me.

Graffiti and Guitars

We make it to the center where we usually somehow always seem to just miss the mechanical figures of the Prague Astronomical Clock that come out on the hour. At this point we’re usually pretty beat and sometimes cheat and just catch the metro back to the apartment. This time, after a snack of salty Prague ham and cold beer, we decided to hoof it back.

Prague Astronomical Clock

I was pretty drained after our flight and long trek around the city, so I handed my camera over to the Impish Husband. He snapped this picture of the Charles Bridge from the opposite shore. You can see the castle off in the distance on the hill. My in-law’s apartment is on the far side of the castle so we still had a long way to get home.


I love this shot the Impish Husband took of a bird on the bridge on our way back.

Gray on Gray

Back on the other side of the river we usually take the cobble stone streets back up the hill. We stopped for ice cream twice on our way this time. I adore the lemon sorbets they have there and always do my best to get my fill when I have the chance.

Old City

We’ll probably be taking this tour of the city again around Christmas time. It’ll be fun to see how the mood of the city changes when everything is blanketed with snow.