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The Impish Husband and I took a long weekend and drove up to Vermont for some camping and mountain biking with his sister and her husband last week. We stayed at a campground about half an hour from the Canadian Border and were able to unplug and unwind in the serenity of the Northeast Kingdom.



On Monday the Impish Husband and I came back a little earlier after a gorgeous day of hitting the trails and headed down to the pond to breathe in the fall air. The leaves are just beginning to change and they made for a beautiful backdrop against the water.

Boats and Lakes

The air was perfectly still and the pond was like a big mirror reflecting back the sky and the trees. My family lived in Canada when I was young and I remember looking through pictures of fall days like this where one almost couldn’t tell which half of the picture was the real sky and trees and which was the reflection.

Smoke Wisps

We didn’t see any loons when we were down by the pond but we could hear them calling out to each other at night as we sat by the fireside.

Underwater Leaves

Days like this are why fall is my favorite season. There is a freshness to the crisp air that feels cleansing after a long, humid summer.

Lilypad and Birch

While summer is green and birds and berries, fall is a quieter, winding down of things.

Pawprints Lakeside

I am reminded of camping trips I took with my Girl Guide troop in Canada. And of plaster casts made of paw prints left outside our tents by raccoons that ransacked our campsite one night as we slept.

Sandy Steps

The summer was wonderful but I’m looking forward to a change of pace.

Sunset Lakeside