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It frustrates me that my limited photography skills are still getting in the way of my sharing my cooking with you. The whole reason I started taking pictures is because I love cooking and wanted to be able to share my creations with someone other than my meat-and-potatoes husband. But it turns out that food photography is darn hard. Take this dish for instance.




It’s a riff on a dish that Fergus Henderson serves at his London restaurant, St. John. The parsley salad with capers and shallots is what really makes the flavors pop and there are multiple recipes for it floating around on the internet. You can find versions here and here. I’ve also replaced the shallots with spring onion and it works equally well.


Parsley Salad

For the marrow I actually prefer the cross-cut pieces rather than the traditional long cut you’ll find served in restaurants. This way a few raps with the back of a knife will quickly loosen the whole cylinder of marrow from the bone and you can then easily slice it into disks that you can drape across your baguette slice. Simply place the marrow pieces, wider end facing down, in a shallow ovenproof dish and roast at 450°F for 15-20 minutes. You want the marrow to just start pulling from the edges of the bone but not have it melt away entirely.


The poached garlic is such a simple thing to make but it really adds a nice flavor element. Gently simmer peeled garlic cloves in olive oil over low heat until the cloves can easily be pierced with a fork. That’s it. I find this method easier and less messy than roasting a whole head of garlic in the oven and you get the same sweetened, spreadable garlic loveliness and a batch of garlic-infused olive oil to boot! I’ve found myself using the olive oil in salad dressings and other dishes that could use a little something extra.

Poached Garlic

I let everyone assemble their own dish. First smooshing and spreading a clove or two of the poached garlic onto the toasted baguette, layering it with some of the sliced marrow and finally topping it with a pretty generous helping of the parsley salad.

Dig In


This dish was quick, affordable, effortlessly elegant and most of all tasty! I can’t describe how yummy this was. The acidity from the capers and the fresh bite from the shallots and herby greenness of the parsley perfectly cut through the decadence of the bone marrow while the sweetness of the poached garlic rounds out the flavor. So please don’t let the quality of my images dissuade you from giving this dish a try. I promise it’s divine! Do let me know if you end up giving this a go and please link to any pictures you might take of your version. And in the mean time I’ll keep working on my photography 🙂