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Well, after three and a half years of toiling on my PhD project (plus another two years in classes and working on other side projects makes makes five and a half in all) I have been given the okay from my committee members to defend in March!

I’ve shut down all my experiments in lab and have retreated to write my dissertation over the next few weeks. My goal is to have it pretty much wrapped up by the end of January. I have some other things going on with a manuscript I am still working on so I’d like to keep February free to work on that. At least that’s the plan… for now. Wish me luck!

Room with a View

My big challenge will be keeping myself motivated and, more importantly, productive over the next few weeks. I am a master procrastinator and have trouble keeping my nose to the grindstone. That’s where I’m hoping this blog will come in. If I can just force myself to be honest about my progress every day, I’ll hopefully have some motivation to stay focused. There ain’t nothing like some public shaming to keep the procrastination at bay 😉 I just also have to remind myself that as long as I am writing I am making progress.

To stay chipper I’ve set myself up with a massive thermos of black tea. Although I’m quickly learning that there is a fine balance to be struck between staying caffeinated and having to take bathroom breaks every ten minutes. Huh. You can’t win ’em all.

I also have some other awesome news to report: A month ago the Impish Husband and I bought a house! The picture above is the view from the guest room that I’ve declared as my office. That means in addition to having a lovely, new place where I have holed myself up for the duration of my writing, I will hopefully also have some posts to share with you in the near future about our attempts to put our own personal stamp on our home. So please stick with me through the next few weeks as I delve deep into the murky waters of dissertation writing. I’d love it if you guys were there when I surface for air! 🙂

Underwater Leaves

So in the interest of accountability: My goal for tonight is to completely finish the first two sections of the intro. Let’s see how I do…