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The dissertation writing… is… going? I’m not where I’d like to be. I didn’t finish the two sections the other day like I’d promised myself (and you). I’d been spinning my wheels trying to get them wrapped up and wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to let those be for now and move onto the next, rather large section. I’d budgeted myself three days for that and I’m nearing the end of day two. Me thinks I’m not going to be done by the end of tomorrow. Le sigh.

In other, more lovely news, I set up my desk by a window with a view and both yesterday and today I was rewarded with some awesome wildlife sightings.

Pileated or What?

I swear I was plugging along at my writing when I happened to glance over and catch a glimpse of fiery red. He was a lovely fellow and every now and then his feathers would catch the sunlight just so and his plumage would gleam.

Pileated or What?

I’d seen one of these woodpeckers back in April on a trip to New Paltz, NY. You can catch pictures of that fellow here.

Looking back at those old pictures I’m still struck by how much clearer they are than the shots I’m getting now. The pictures back from April were taken with a friend’s borrowed Canon. They are just so much more crisp than anything I’ve taken with my own. Anyone have any thoughts? Is it me? The camera? The lens? I’m at a loss and it’s awfully discouraging.

Pileated or What?

Anyway, I’ll keep working at it.

The other sighting was early this morning. He was a majestic one, surveying the fields of the horse farm next door. It was rather nippy out so he had his feathers fluffed and was looking surprisingly cozy on his perch.


I know a family of hawks lives in the neighborhood. A momma, poppa, and a young’un they apparently had trouble kicking out of the nest this summer. I’d see them circling in the sky when we were coming to look at the house and the previous owner said that they nest nearby. I hadn’t seen them since we closed on the house though and was thinking they’d migrated for the winter. I wonder if this is one of them? I’ve zoomed way in for a closer look. I think it might be a broad-winged or red-tailed hawk.


What do you guys think?

Alright, back to the writing. Hmmm, maybe my desk needs to be facing a wall? 😉