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Do you see what I see out of my kitchen window?

Kitchen Views

Let’s bring it in then.

I spy...

Well hello there!

I wasn’t getting clear shots of her through the kitchen window so I raced upstairs to try and get a better angle from the bathroom. Turns out that she had two young ones keeping her company. The pictures turned out quite hazy though. Me thinks it might be time to finally get around to washing those windows… Ahem.

Deer thru a Haze

I crept back downstairs and out to the garage to see if I could get an unobstructed shot of her but I ended up spooking her when I got too close.


Come back soon, little deer. You can take a nap in my back yard any day.

P.S. Dissertation writing was on hold for today while I responded to reviewer concerns before we resubmit the manuscript. Cross your fingers for me that this time round I’m luckier.