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I guess that settles it then. My winged friend that visits me in the mornings appears to be a red-tailed hawk after all.

How He Soars 1

I was just getting started on the dishes this morning when the Impish Husband pointed out that our neighborhood hawk had just arrived and had taken up his perch in one of our trees.

How He Soars 2

I immediately raced upstairs to my office where I have a clear, nearly eye level view of his favorite branch.

How He Soars 3

I’d set up my tripod there a few days ago, hoping that if I eliminated any unsteadiness from my pictures I’d be able to get a crisper shot. I eased open the window since I still haven’t gotten round to cleaning them and I didn’t want any smudges ruining my shot.

How He Soars 4

I didn’t have to wait long. He never lingers for more than a few minutes.

How He Soars 5

Such effortless power and grace. What an inspiring way to start the day.