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I’m still riding high on yesterday’s discovery of the ten minute rule for productivity.

Yellow Tulips1

Ten minutes are such an easy currency. Who isn’t willing to commit ten minutes to a task if after those ten minutes you’re free to do something else if you please?

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It’s easy to hold yourself to ten minutes too. There isn’t much that can’t wait ten minutes. You don’t need to check that email that just came in or even answer that call right now.

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And when you feel you need a break, it’s surprisingly easy to say just ten minutes more.

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I’ve started keeping track of how many ten minute segments I’ve completed today and while the number so far is shockingly low, at least I know that those little bursts were ones of pure productivity.

Yellow Tulips7

In the past I could sit at the computer for hours straight and log those as hours spent ‘working’, but how much of that time was actually truly productive? And this way I can play a little game with myself. Can I log more ten minute bursts of productivity tomorrow? And the day after?

I really think this is going to work.